Buy JPS Players | King Size Bright |10 Packs


  • Brand – Players JPS
  • Type – Bright
  • Size – King Size
  • Tobacco Blend – Virginia
  • Quantity – 200 cigarettes 10 packs –  One Sleeve


John Players & Sons now known as Players is a British brand originally based in Nottingham, England founded in 1877. The company merged with other companies in 1901 to form the Imperial tobacco company.


Buy JPS Players | King Size Bright |10 Packs

Buy JPS Players | King Size Bright |10 Packs, most often known simply as Player’s, was a tobacco and cigarette manufacturer based in Nottingham, England. In 1901, the company merged with other companies to form The Imperial Tobacco Company to face competition from US manufacturers.The company also released several series of association football trading cards in the 1930s under the Player’s brand.Nowadays the brands “Player” and “John Player Special” are owned and commercialised by Imperial Brands.

Buy JPS Players

In March 1820, William Wright set up a small tobacco factory in Craigshill, Livingston, West Lothian. This business expanded and earned Wright a comfortable fortune. John Player bought the business in 1877. He had the Castle Tobacco Factories built in Radford, Nottingham, just west of the city centre. He had three large factory blocks built, but initially only one was used to process and pack tobacco. The other two blocks were loaned out to lace manufacturers until the business had expanded enough to use the additional space.

John Player died in December 1884 and for the next nine years, the business was run by a small group of family friends until W G and J D Player were ready to take over the firm in 1893. The business became a private limited company in 1895, with a share capital of £200,000.


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